venerdì 20 febbraio 2009

Uazza goes to Belgium

This is my first post from Belgium. Many of yours will wonder why I am here. 
Antwerp, February 20th 2009. The EJA headquarters meet in Belgium to set the Agenda of the following months.
I got here with Daan, Bert, Jon, Tobias and all the EJA rep from allover Europe. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about my project and how I want to develop the documentary. Hope I will find help, support, characters and ideas. 
People here are very nice, everybody has a smile for the other, everyone is kind and at a first glance everyone is very supportive.
They are more concerned about the fact they cannot give any help moneywise...It is really now. I left USA very worried and scared of what I was going to find, and I got here full of hope and surrounded by lovely people. Immediately I rediscovered the reasons why I wanted to shoot a documentary about this community.

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